Gaming workshop on Sound and Ambience – Be Inspired Initiative


Fourteen students from Gatehouse consumed 19 cans of diet coke. This is not news but what they did with the tins is…
The sound of the crushed tin was used with great effect in a sounds and ambience gaming workshop earlier this month. With coaching by Dr Niall Moody from Abertay University, the students learnt how sound and ambience is created. Dr Moody showed the students how to record sounds and with the confidence of true professionals the students got out on the streets of Gatehouse to make their own recordings returning to the Mill to upload the results in their very own game.  The students seemed to get a great deal from the event:
Here is some of the feedback …

… found demonstrating where to put the sounds / file locations and how to record different sounds really useful and interesting.

… enjoyed utilising ways to make sounds that were unrelating to what you might expect!

… would have liked to understand what career paths are related to music technology and if you are interested in gaming how you could get into this.

… would also have liked a bit more on how you could manipulate the sounds.

… went reluctantly as I’d booked it without asking him, in fact he walked out of the door, only to return a couple of minutes later saying he really didn’t want to go.
I said, just give it a try, if you don’t like it you don’t have to stay – he said he really enjoyed it and learnt new things, he couldn’t think of any way the experience could have been improved.

I really enjoyed the workshop and putting the sounds into the game was really fun. Trying to figure out what sounds would be good where and the sounds we needed to get, I really had a lot of fun and hope we can do it again